Pro Bono Guardianship Monitoring Program


The Dauphin County Orphans’ Court is seeking participants in the Honorable Todd A. Hoover Pro Bono Guardianship Monitoring Program.  This program was established by the late Judge Hoover in 2007 to appoint attorneys or paralegals to monitor guardianship cases to assist the Court in its continuing duty to monitor all guardianships it establishes.  Monitors act as the eyes and ears of the Court when they visit and speak with guardians, incapacitated persons, and any other persons who assist in the care of the incapacitated persons one or more times each year.  Participants receive Pro Bono credit through the Dauphin County Bar Association.

Dauphin County currently has over 450 active guardianship cases, and less than half of those have monitors appointed.  Guardianship numbers are trending upward.  There were 67 new guardianship cases in both 2020 and 2021.  In 2022, there were 84 new guardianship cases.

Interested attorneys should contact Sara Shaffer, Dauphin County Deputy Court Administrator, by email to or by phone to 717-780-6646.


Sara Shaffer