Marriage License

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Marriage License Application Information & Procedure

Both individuals to be married must complete the application for marriage.  All applicants must be eighteen (18) years of age or older.

Blood relatives down to and including first cousins MAY NOT marry under the laws of Pennsylvania.

The marriage license must be obtained at least three (3) days prior to the marriage ceremony.  The three-day waiting period does not start until we have printed the license after your video conference or in-person appointment.  The license will expire sixty (60) days after the three-day waiting period.

A marriage license may be obtained from the Clerk of Orphans' Court in any county in Pennsylvania. The ceremony need not be performed in the county in which the license was issued but must be performed in the state of Pennsylvania.

Please be advised that if a couple choses to be married by someone other than the officiants authorized by Pennsylvania Title 23 § 1503, and any issues arise regarding the validity of their marriage, the burden of proof regarding the legality of said marriage will be upon the couple.

As per the  Officiant Disclaimer of Liability, our office will not determine what is/is not a church and/or a congregation.

Magisterial District Judge Contact Listing

Pennsylvania Title 23 § 1502

 In all cases in which the parties intend to solemnize their marriage by religious ceremony without officiating clergy, please notify the clerk at the beginning of your appointment that you require a Self-Uniting Marriage License.

The fee in Dauphin County is $80.00 plus a processor fee.

Processor Fees
Credit       2.19% ($1.00 minimum)
Debit        1.79% ($1.00 minimum)

ACH through MSB Gateway $ .20 each
ACH through Gateway 1.00%


  • As of January 1st, 1998, you must provide your Social Security Number.
  • Identification – Driver’s License, Non-Driver Photo ID or Passport are accepted.
  • Divorce Decree and proof of name change which may be a Notice to Resume Prior Surname or a court order that approves a legal name change.
  • When original documentation is written in a foreign language, the original and a notarized translation must be submitted.


  1. E-file a marriage license application. Carefully read the help text and follow the prompts for e-filing. Leaving incomplete information or using n/a may result in rejection.
  2. Upload required documents as noted above.
  3. Choose a date and time for the video conference. Both applicants must be present during the video conference, but it is permissible to join from separate locations.
  4. Authorize payment of fee.  A hold will be placed for up to thirty (30) days from submitting the application.  The transaction will post once your appointment is completed.
  5. A confirmation email will be sent once the e-filed application is submitted. A video conference invitation will also be sent on the day of the appointment. Dauphin County uses Avaya Cloud Office to host video conferences.
  6. During the video conference, each applicant will need to show their IDs through the camera. Each applicant must also share their screen while they e-sign the application.
  7. Applicants may choose to pick up their license or have it mailed. Please inform the clerk during the conference.

Request for Certified Copy of Marriage License form

Jean Marfizo King
Register of Wills/Clerk of the Orphans' Court
Dauphin County Court House
Room 103
101 Market Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101

Courthouse Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm

Phone: (717) 780-6500


Northern Dauphin Branch Office

Northern Dauphin Human Services Center
295 State Drive
Elizabethville, PA 17023

First and Third Wednesdays of every month 9am to 4:30pm

Phone: (717) 905-2700 Ext. 2507
*Plan to arrive at least one half hour before closing to apply for license.*