Infrastructure Bank - General Program (DCIB-G)

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With a growing need for investments in critical infrastructure projects throughout Dauphin County (the “County”), the Commissioners have created a new innovative subsidized funding program. The Dauphin County Infrastructure Bank-General (the “DCIB-G”) Program provides reduced interest loan financing up to 100% of eligible project costs, including soft costs, to support infrastructure and other improvement projects County-wide.

The DCIB-G Program was developed to address the following issues that may be prohibiting important infrastructure projects from coming to fruition:

• Projects that may not be eligible (or creditworthy) for funding from existing available sources
• Projects delayed due to lack of professional, administrative or project management capacity or experience

The DCIB-G Program intends to primarily fund infrastructure improvement projects that support economic development, and public health and safety. This includes water, stormwater, sewer, and transportation projects.

The DCIB-G Program is administered under the direction of the Dauphin County office of Community & Economic Development and will engage a DCIB-G Advisory Board. The County may retain professional, legal, technical, and financial resources necessary to support the DCIB-G.

Applications to the DCIB-G opens annually with level of participation dictating final borrowing decision. Please see below for DCIB-G Program Guidelines and Application.

DCIB Program Overview



2023 DCIB-G Program Guidelines

2023 DCIB-G Application