Transportation Infrastructure Safety Improvement Program (TISIP)


Dauphin County is currently accepting applications for the second year of the Transportation Infrastructure Safety Improvement Program (TISIP) grant program.

The Dauphin County “Transportation Infrastructure Safety Improvement Program” (TISIP) provides grants for up to 75% of the cost for safety improvement projects of municipally owned transportation infrastructure to encourage economic development and ensure that a safe and reliable local system of transportation is available to the residents of Dauphin County.

The program is intended to provide financial grant assistance to Dauphin County municipalities to improve the safety of public transportation assets with documented accident history trends and/or substandard features with respect to current transportation design criteria. The program is administered by the Dauphin County Department of Community and Economic Development Corporation ("DCEDC").

         Eligible TISIP projects must be owned and maintained by a Dauphin County municipality.

         Example projects include: 

  • Rehabilitation or replacement of substandard bridges or culverts in poor condition.
  • Correction of substandard stopping or turning sight distance
  • Correction of substandard horizontal roadway curves
  • Correction of substandard intersection features
  • Traffic signals and signal upgrades
  • Improvements to substandard drainage systems to correct localize street flooding
  • Traffic Calming
  • Pedestrian safety, including but not limited to curb ramps, crosswalks, pedestrian and traffic signals, pedestrian signs, and lighting.

Interested applicants must be aware of the following before applying to the program:

  • TISIP is a turn-key program meaning all projects will be designed, bundled, bid, and managed by the county to achieve economies of scale. Grantees will have input throughout the process.
  • A local match of at least 25 percent or more will be required dependent on available funding, need, and final estimated project costs. Applicants must demonstrate the ability to locally fund their share of project costs.
  • Successful applicants will be required to enter into a Municipal Cost Sharing Agreement outlining the amounts, roles, responsibilities, and processes governing the grant and project delivery process.


    Please click below for the TISIP program guidelines and application.