Medical Assistance Transportation Program (MATP) Policy Manual

Listed below are approved policies by year for the Dauphin County MATP Program. Please see the table of contents for our current list of policies. Providers that contract with the MATP Program are required to comply with our policies.

MATP policies and Procedures Table of Contents

You can view each policy and procedure by clicking on it below. 

2007 Policies
07-01 MATP Incident Reporting and Management
07-02 MATP Provider Monitoring
07-03 MATP Provider Driver Clearances and Training Revision
07-04 MATP Least Costly & Most Appropriate Transportation Services
07-05 MATP Urgent Care Transportation
07-06 MATP Consumer Sanctions
07-07 MATP Consumer No Show
07-08 MATP Complaint Process
07-09 MATP Safety Guidelines
07-10 MATP Consumer Information, Education, and Outreach

2008 Policies
08-01 MATP Quarterly Reporting