Long Term Care Options

OPTIONS is a program that assesses the Long Term Care (LTC) needs of people and develops a plan of care to meet those needs.
OPTIONS is a managed care program that directs people towards the level of care which promotes the most independence yet meets their chronic needs.
OPTIONS begins with a level of care assessment which identifies the consumer’s needs.  A care plan is developed providing the most appropriate care option.  Consideration is given to the consumer’s condition, choice, and to the availability of services to meet their needs.
OPTIONS provides for Community Services and Nursing Facility Placement.
Community Services

Community Services is the provision of services and care management to people over age 60 with complex or multiple problems. These services may include: personal care, home delivered meals, adult day care, and other Area Agency on Aging community or in home services.  Protective Services and the Family Caregiver Support Program are two special programs available under community services.
To initiate a Community Service assessment, please contact the Dauphin County Area Agency on Aging at (717) 780-6130 and ASK FOR INFORMATION AND ASSISTANCE.
Nursing Facility Placement
Nursing Facility Placement involves the level of care assessment of medical eligibility for nursing home, domiciliary care, or personal care placement for people 18 years of age or older. The pre-admission assessment is mandatory for persons applying for medical assistance (Medicaid) for nursing home care.  It is also mandatory for those applying for the domiciliary care home or personal care home Security Supplemental Income (SSI) supplement.  An assessment is also available for individuals who are considering placement and need a professional opinion to assist the individual or family to make an informed decision.
The nursing home pre-admission assessment includes the OBRA 1987 (Nursing Home Reform Act) mandated nursing home pre-admission screen and evaluation for mental illness, mental retardation, and other related conditions. The OBRA assessment not only determines nursing home eligibility, but also the need for specialized services.  A pre-admission assessment is initiated when a physician completed MA51 form is received by the Dauphin County Area Agency on Aging. 

For blank forms, please contact (717) 780-6130.