Domiciliary Care

The Domiciliary Care Program is a protective living arrangement in private homes for disabled adults and frail elderly persons who need daily supervision and assistance with activities of daily living.  The program is designed to serve low income adults who may qualify for a state supplement to enable them to pay for the needed care.  Persons in need of a Domiciliary Care Home should call Keystone Community Mental Health Services at (717) 558-8450.
Persons applying to become "Domiciliary Care" Home Providers must meet Pennsylvania Department of Aging regulations.  The physical condition of the home must meet standards of health, sanitation, fire and safety.  Certified Home Providers are advised when appropriate residents are found and visits are arranged.  Placement occurs upon mutual agreement of the applicant and the provider.  Approved "Domiciliary Care" residents sign agreements to reimburse providers for supervision care and room and board expenses.  Providers and residents receive ongoing support and oversight from the Domiciliary Care Program and the appropriate community agency which serves the resident.

For more information, please call Keystone Community Mental Health Services at (717) 558-8450.