Divorce Hearing Officer

Divorce Hearing Office
25 S. Front Street, 7th Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17101
(717) 780-6204

Divorce Hearing Officer: Cindy S. Conley, Esquire

Divorce Hearing Officer: Lauren D'Alessandro, Esquire

Divorce Hearing Officer Administrative Assistant: Rachel Pennypacker (Penny)

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Upon Motion of a party, a Divorce Hearing Officer (formerly known as Divorce Master) is appointed by the Court to hear testimony on issues related to a divorce proceeding and to issue a Report and Recommendation.  The Divorce Hearing Officer serves at the pleasure of the Court and is under the supervision of Dauphin County Court Administrator. In Dauphin County, the Divorce Hearing Officer is often appointed to address the following:

  1. Pre-divorce issues such as requests for exclusive possession of the marital residence and other special relief matters.
  2. Ancillary claims such as equitable distribution, alimony, counsel fees, costs and expenses.
  3. To hear testimony regarding the establishment of fault grounds for divorce, grounds for annulment, and to determine whether a marriage is irretrievably broken, or if the parties have been separated the requisite amount of time for a no-fault divorce.
  4. To assist the parties in attaining a settlement.
  5. To assist the parties in discovery.
  6. Post-divorce issues such as requests for enforcement of Marital Settlement Agreements or Court Orders.