Filing Fees

Amendment of Clerk of Courts Photocopies Fee – Administrative Order dated January 23, 2024

Below is a list of actions and documents which are filed in the clerk of court's office and the accompanying fee required for processing and filing. 

Fee Schedule

CLERK FEES:CurrentIncrease

New Rate-

**Court Costs (Misdemeanor/Felony)
                      Disposed of Before Trial

**Court Costs (Misdemeanor/Felony)
                      Disposed of During or After Trial
**Summary Case Costs$31.60$3.50$35.00



COPIES:CurrentIncreaseNew Rate-
Per page$0.50$0$0.50
Certified Copy$10.90$1.19$12.00



FILING FEES:CurrentIncreaseNew Rate-
*All other Matters and Reports[1]              $19.65$2.16$22.00
*Constable Bond$19.65$ 2.16$22.00
**Summary Conviction Appeal (charged each Docket #)$53.50$ 5.89$59.00

**Appeals to Commonwealth/Superior Court or Supreme Court
                    (Plus additional payment of $90.25 payable to the
                    respective state court)

*Road Docket Cases$19.652.16$22.00

**Expungement Petition/Order Service
                     (Plus $11.00 postage, $5.00 automation, $22.00 if
                     miscellaneous docket needs to be created, $12.00 
                     certification fee for each order to be distributed)

$19.65$ 2.16$22.00
*Bail Posting$19.65$ 2.16$22.00
*Constable/Deputy Constable Petition$19.65$ 2.16$22.00



FORMS:CurrentIncreaseNew Rate-
Defense Subpoena$ 3.30no change$ 3.30
*Record Check$10.90$ 1.19$12.00
*Bail Piece (charged on each case issued)$19.65$ 2.16$22.00



MISCELLANEOUS:CurrentIncreaseNew Rate -
Postage (charged per case)$10.00$ 1.10$11.00
Automation Fee$ 5.00no change$ 5.00
Expungement Instruction Packet [2] no change$ 5.00
Summary Appeal Packet [3] no change$ 5.00
Revocation - Standard Probation$35.00$ 3.85$39.00
Revocation - ARD  $39.00
ARD Administration Management Fee  $20.00
Prison Commitments  $15.00
Record Maintenance Fee  $ 5.00



 *  Add $5.00 for Equipment Automation Fund

**Add $16.00 for Equipment Automation Fund and Postage


[1] Except that no fee shall be charged for filing township and borough audit reports or transcripts received which indicate a final disposition by the magisterial district judge.

[2] Expungement Packet includes the docket transcript, the disposition sheet, verification that all costs have been paid and instructions.  Petitioner must send a self-addressed, stamped envelope with payment to receive packet.

[3] Summary Appeal Packet includes the instructions.

Fees are subject to change without notice.
ALL payments received by the clerk of court's office must be in cash, or by certified check or money order. Personal checks are not accepted. If paying by cash, you must have exact change.